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I used to write for fun.  Like fiction.  All the time.  Then about half way through high school I just stopped writing.  I’m so glad I started it up again!  Many of my friends have blogs and I always thought, “How in the world do they have time to be wives and mothers and blog all the time!?”  Well, I soon found out: My baby sleeps all the time!!  It is because of that (and, therefore, the amount of free time I now find myself with) that I decided to start this blog.  My life may change, in fact, I know it will, but at this point in time I have enough time to devote a few hours a week to this and the desire to share with you what the Lord is teaching me about my home, me health, and my heart.  My prayer is that this blog will be an encouragement to you in your journey to become a woman, wife, and/or mother after God’s own heart.

As I began thinking about what I wanted my blog to be like I realized that pretty much everything I wanted to share could be broken down into three main categories: Home, Health, & Heart.  You’ll see these categories all over the site, as I’ve categorized everything into at least one of them.  Here’s a quick description of each category:

Cultivating Your Home

As a stay-at-home mom my home is my primary work place.  It’s where I want to cultivate the love of God for my family.  I want my children to love being at home.  I want my husband to leave work and rush home.  I want friends and family to love being in my home.  I want Jesus’ love to spill from my home to others’.  I want my home to be warm and inviting.  I want it to feel cozy even when it’s cold outside.  I want it to be a refreshing place of comfort for my family.  I want it to be my husband’s sanctuary from the outside world–a place where he feels safe.

My home is not there yet.  I’m not there yet.  My hope is that I’ll be able to share with you some ways in which I’m working on making my home all of these things I’ve mentioned as I learn to Cultivate my Home for the Lord.

Healthy & Frugal Living

Only in the last year or so have I begun to understand the importance of healthy living.  Only in the last few months or so have I begun to need to understand the importance of frugal living.  Once we started needing to live on a tighter budget I was sure that my new-found desire to live healthy would have to go out the window.  It’s not true, though!  It is possible to be as healthy as God desires you to be AND live on a budget!  Top Ramen is NOT the best option!  It’s more than that, though: I want to know as much as I can about natural foods & medicine.  I want to know the healthiest way to clean my house, my clothes, even my dog!  I want to know the best exercises, and most importantly I want to know what God thinks about this whole subject–what He desires from me in this area of my life.

I’m not there yet.  Not even close.  My hope is that as I learn healthier, more natural ways of doing all of these things I’ll be able to share them with you and as you learn better ways of doing things you’ll be able teach them to me and we can all grow to become healthier and more frugal people together as I learn about Healthy & Frugal Living for the Lord.

For your Heart

This final category is by far the most important.  I want my heart to daily become more and more like the Lord’s.  I want to see others as Jesus sees them.  I want to thirst for the Word of God.  I want to truly love my life and my husband and my child.  I want to honor the Lord in my heart.  I want to be content with where the Lord has me.  I want to be more and more in love with Jesus every day of my life.

Like with the other two categories, I am not there yet.  My hope is that we can encourage each other to be the women the Lord wants us to be–to be women after God’s own heart.  My prayer is that we’ll grow closer to the Lord as I share From My Heart the things Jesus teaches me.

Obviously I don’t know everything there is to know about any of these topics–in many of these topics I don’t really know anything!–but I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing with you what I do know.  I hope you’ll share your knowledge of each topic by making comments to help others learn from your knowledge!  Let’s just all help one another grow in the Lord!!! :)

Additionally, you can click on “Past Posts by Category & Date” in the toolbar at the top to find old posts by its category, post title, or date.  (Hint: there’s a search bar way at the bottom of the blog!)

I also have pages dedicated to a few of “My Favorite Things” and “Books, Movies, & Websites I Love.”  I hope these things that I’ve found useful are useful to you as well!

And finally, I’ve written a short article about “My Motivation.”  I pray that as you read about what motivates me the Lord will motivate you to come to know Him and to love Him.

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