This Year’s Christmas Budget

January 17, 2012

Now that the excitement of Christmas is over are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of money you just spent on all that fun!?  We are–that’s for sure.  We were not exactly what you’d call frugal (or prepared) this past year for the myriad of things Christmastime asks us to spend money on.  This year, though, things are going to be different! (or at least that’s the plan ;)

Last year my sweet friend, Monica, at A Godly Heritage, featured this great Christmas budget that she found over at Simple Mom. It has a line for pretty much every item that you will ever need (and a bunch of “others” that you can fill in yourself) within every category you could ever think of.  It’s amazing.

I remember when Monica originally posted the budget.  I thought, “Wow, that’s great!  We should use it!”  And then we didn’t.  And now we’re hurting.

But this year!  This year will be different!  It’s only January!  That means we have 12 months to save for Christmas 2012!  I’m excited to see if we can be disciplined and actually save each month–we shall see! :)

Do you budget for Christmas?  Do you wish you did?  What system works for your family?

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