Gift Your Children with The Story of Their Lives

August 18, 2011

Usually I come up with really great ideas months (or even years) after they would have been useful.  In God’s grace, though, He gave me this idea in time!

Since before Luke was even conceived I’ve been writing in his journal.  The first entry is the story of how God changed our hearts about having children in the first place.  I journaled once we found out we were pregnant, a few times while pregnant with him, and I’ve journaled several times during this first year of his life. I’ll continue to write it in until he’s grown or I fill up the book.

I don’t write every day.  I don’t even write every month.  But when I have a moment and I think about it, I sit down and write an update, or a cute antidote, or what’s going on in our family, or my thoughts, feelings, fears, etc–relating to him, of course.

I’m excited for the day when I’ll finally give it to him so that he can read The Story of His Life.  I don’t know when that will be.  Maybe we’ll read little bits from it here and there, I don’t know.

I joked about getting this idea “in time,” but even if your children are older than mine, or even if they’re grown, nothing says you can’t record what you remember from before or even just begin writing now.

The point is it I’m writing it.  To him.  For him.  And I think he’ll love it someday.

December 14, 2010

Sweet Luke,

What a fun baby you are.  You’re so chill.  You only cry when you’re hungry, tired, or hot.  We are just so blessed by you.

You love to hear your Daddy’s voice and my signing.  When we’re in the car or at church you try to sign along.

You giggle and laugh when we make your hands play on our drum set.

You just stare and watch Lyla as she walks around the house.

You’re a big fan of men (you know you’re a boy and just want to be one of the guys) and love older ladies–you’ll talk with the ladies at church forever!

You fall asleep within minutes of when you’re “supposed” to and wake up equally as on time.

When we’re not home your favorite place when you’re awake is your Daddy’s shoulder and when you’re asleep, laying sideways with your head in the crook of my left arm.  You love snuggling in your Moby Wrap when we’re out and about.

You’re not a big fan of your car seat or driving in the car.

You love walks and hanging out in the hanging chairs–really you just love being outside.

You like to look at lights (including the sun) and fans.

You have recently found your feet and like your p.j.s with the dogs on them.

You can usually calm yourself by putting your first two fingers in you mouth and sucking away (until a week ago it was your whole fist)!

You love to snuggle on the couch–which is my very favorite thing in the whole world. :)

I love you


4 Responses to “Gift Your Children with The Story of Their Lives”

  1. I was reminded of this idea after reading Stepping Heavenward again. Errrr… one of those (wish I had done it earlier), but I still think I can start it, surely I can remember some stuff from Elliot and Hudson’s earliest days, and then keep up with it from there. Anyway, I am going to be doing this as well, though the most difficult part (for me) is finding a nice journal that isn’t too girly for my little men. (and that won’t cost an arm and a leg now that I need to buy three of them). Thanks for the encouragement to get on it! Love you.

    • I’m with you there about finding not-girly journals! We bought ours before we knew if Luke was going to be a boy or a girl, which was . . . difficult, lol. We found a great one, though, at Barnes & Nobles. Happy shopping! <3

  2. adoringchrist said

    Love it! I have been keeping a journal for Jade. I was inspired by watching my husband be such an amazing man/husband/father before she was even born. I only write when I see Bobby display one of these characteristics. I begin each entry by recording a specific way I have seen him display his love through providing, protecting, and leading for our family. Then I conclude each entry by drawing out principles she needs to glean from his example when choosing her husband. I will give it to her when she begins thinking about dating/marriage. I am inspired by your entry to write about other things as well for her. Thanks friend.

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