Natural Living | 10 Ways to Ease Into a Natural Body (Parts 1 & 2) at Desiring Virtue

August 16, 2011

During my three week hiatus I was once again blessed to be able to be published at my sweet friend’s blog, Desiring Virtue.  Last time I was able to write for her I wrote about Why Natural Living Matters to Me.  This time I gave her readers several tips to slowly slide into living a more natural life in terms of the products we use on our bodies.  Several of the tips and recipes were similar to my own series, Natural From Head to Toe, however my posts on Desiring Virtue are a bit more succinct and might be easier to follow for one just beginning in the Natural Living world!

10 Ways to Ease Into a Natural Body (Pt. 1)

Last time I told you why natural living matters to me. Hopefully that sparked some of your interests and maybe you desire to know how you can begin to live more naturally. The first area of natural living that I learned about was beauty products-things that go on our bodies. My hope is that this list will help you ease into a world of Natural Living when it comes to your body and your family’s bodies . . . (read the rest of my post here, at Desiring Virtue!)

10 Ways to Ease Into a Natural Body (Pt. 2)

# 10. Take it slow! Be patient. Find a balance.

The hardest thing for me about easing into natural living is that I didn’t ease into it at all.  I tried to jump in head first and I just ended up getting frustrated because I either didn’t understand or couldn’t afford whatever it was I wanted to do. Learn from me!  If you’re just starting out, go slow!  Pick one or two things to switch this month.  Then maybe add a third next month. Be patient!  The most important thing is not that you switch to a natural deodorant. You’ve been using aluminum since you were 12.  A few more months—or even a year—won’t kill you.  Find a balance . . . (read the rest of my post here, at Desiring Virtue!)


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