“Well, that’s just way over MY head!”

July 21, 2011

How often do I hear this coming from bright, capable, godly women?  How often have I said and thought this?  How often as our husbands begin to discuss theology do we turn to one another, smile sweetly, say something like, “Well, that’s just way over MY head!” and then begin to discuss the newest trend in cloth diapering?  Why do we not listen to these men God has put in our lives to lead us?  Why don’t we contribute our thoughts to their theological topic of choice?  Why don’t we discuss the same topic among just us women?  Why as Christian women do we sometimes think we can’t think!?

Please don’t misunderstand me! I am not saying there’s not good that comes from discussing cloth diapering.  (When I was pregnant I visited a friend solely to have her explain cloth diapering to me!)  What I’m saying is, in our hussle and bussle to be Christian wives, moms, and daughters, have we turned our brains off to Christ?  Have we decided that in order to be good Christian women we should live our lives without using our minds–without learning more about our Savior?

If you think that you have neglected to learn more about Jesus and the Gospel I believe it boils down to one of two issues:  1) ignorance towards what the Bible calls Christian women to, or 2) a true lack of knowledge (i.e. maybe it is “just way over your head”).  Either of these possibilities is a problem, though.

Ignorance towards what the Bible calls Christian women to.

Our culture and the way it perceives womanhood is in stark contrast to the Biblical woman–the Christian woman, it’s true.  I’m afraid, however, in our attempt to distance ourselves from the world and its strong, aggressive, over-bearing picture of woman we’ve created this meek, ignorant ideal of a woman who cannot think on her own who is found no where in Scripture.

It is true the Bible calls women to be quiet, gentle, and reverent (1 Peter 3:4; Titus 2:3).  This does not mean we should be completely out of it when it comes to the things happening in the world, trends in Christianity (the good and the bad), and most especially theology!  Check out the Proverbs 31 woman if you don’t believe me–she was all over it!  The Bible is full of women who were quiet, gentle, reverent, but also knowledgeable, intelligent, and resourceful.  These women knew what it meant to follow God.  These women knew Christ and knew His Gospel–his Good News.  These women knew their theology!

My sweet sister in Christ, Jessalyn, wrote a wonderful article about the importance of theology.  Click here to head over to Desiring Virtue to read her post titled, Why Theology is Important.

“Again the question arises, is there more to theology than head knowledge? Is it practical? Does it impact my daily life? Why does your knowledge of God demand your attention as a wife, as a homemaker, as a mother? The answer is, how could it not? Theology isn’t an end in and of itself. It is a means to an end.

The end is Jesus.  It’s Christ.  The end that Jessalyn is talking about here is knowing Jesus better.  How can we be like Him if we don’t know about Him?  How can we fall more and more in love with him if we don’t know more and more about Him–who He is and what He’s done?  How can we further the Gospel if we don’t understand the Gospel?  Theology is not boring, stuffy, or unnecessary.  Theology is not extra.  Theology–the study of God–should be the Christian’s favorite subject–man or woman!

A True Lack of Knowledge

Maybe the reason you can’t follow theological conversations isn’t because you think they shouldn’t concern you as a woman.  Maybe you just really don’t know your theology.  Well that, my friend, can be fixed!  Back in Jessalyn’s post that I linked to earlier she lists several resources to help you learn more about God.

The first, and most important, is your Bible.  The authors of systematic theologies, who have filled libraries with their huge volumes, got all their information and knowledge from the Bible.  And so can we!  The best way to learn more about God is to read, meditate on, study, and fall in love with the truths in His Word.

However, if you need a little assistance figuring it all out, systematic theologies can be quite helpful.  A resource that I just love is a little book (only about 100 pages) called Bitesize Theology.  The 20 topics (things like God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, and Sin, all the way to things like Grace, Redemption, Adoption, Union with Christ, Eternal security, and The Second Coming) each have their own small chapter and the author, Peter Jeffery, quickly, but completely explains the back bone of each doctrine.  It’s really a wonderful little book for the new believer and the seasoned saint–the truths in it don’t get old.  In fact, we need to daily be pouring over these truths!  At the end of each chapter, Jeffery gives a quote from a famous theologian, offers some questions to help us think through the truths in the chapter, and then lists a book that would be helpful for further study about the doctrine.

So there you have it.  No more excuses for not knowing the beautiful doctrines!  You, as a woman, are called to fall more and more in love with Jesus each day.  You can’t do that if you aren’t learning more and more about Him each day!  Read His sweet Word, and if you feel like it would help you navigate the truths of Scripture, pick up this little book, Bitesize Theology.  The truths of Scripture don’t have to be over your head anymore!


One Response to ““Well, that’s just way over MY head!””

  1. Amen and amen! I think what keeps a lot of women from studying theology is a lack of time. There is so much to do, especially as a mommy to little ones, that fitting in some Wayne Grudem just doesn’t seem like an option. The funny thing is that I am able to do a lot more reading these days than my darling husband (the MAN) is simply because my schedule is more flexible and I can arrange my day however I like (providing I see to all the necessities of the home first). This is a tremendous blessing that wives (who are at home) have. We can fit in a little doctrine here and a little doctrine there, or devote a good hour to a “quiet reading time” for our kids… and US! Bitesize Theology sounds like the perfect introduction to theology for many women! Thanks for the encouragement Katie.

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