Helping Your Man with “His Chores”

June 15, 2011

Today, just a quick reminder that I thought I’d pass on:  If your household is anything like ours, each of you has a different set of duties around your home.  If you’re a stay-at-home wife or mom your “chore” list might be much longer than your husband’s, but I’m guessing there are still some things that you expect him to do–no questions asked.  This might be taking out the trash, feeding the dog, or walking the dog.  Maybe he folds the laundry.  Perhaps he washes the dishes since you fix the meals.  For some of you maybe he mows the lawn.  Whatever your husband’s duties are around the house, it doesn’t really matter–the point is, he has them.

Well.  My husband has them, too.  He takes out the trash, tends to the vegetable garden, mows and edges the lawn, sweeps the driveway and patio, and occasionally washes the dishes or puts away the laundry.  Sometimes he’ll ask me how else he can help and I might ask him to feed our son, generally neat up, vacuum, or turn over the laundry.  Sometimes one or more of these chores goes undone for several days–I know, it’s startling! :)

Regardless of whether the chore going undone is “my” chore or “his” chore, I’ve come to the following revelation (which may not be much of a revelation for you): Titus 2 calls me to be a “worker at home.”  It doesn’t call me to be a “worker at home except for the few random things my husband has told me he would take care of.”  And so, if my sweet hubby is too bogged down with school work to get the trash to the curb on a Tuesday morning, why do I let the garbage man drive by our home while our very full dumpster hangs out under the carport!?  Am I incapable of pulling the trash out of the can, dropping it in the dumpster, and dragging it to the street?  Am I incapable of watering the garden?  Is weeding just beyond me?  Is there a law against women mowing lawns?  Certainly not!

The problem: I’m lazy.  It’s so much easier to watch the garbage man pass me by and think, “Yep!  He forgot trash day again!”  It’s so painless to let the sink pile up and think, “Now, he said two days ago he would help me with the dishes!”  It’s so much nicer (and cooler) to watch our grass grow to jungle-like proportions and think, “I wonder when he’ll get around to mowing the lawn?”

So, ladies, join with me in becoming (less lazy) Christ-honoring workers at home and help your man with “his chores!”

so that they [older women] may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. (bold mine)

Titus 2:4-5


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