Free Weekly Menu Planning Printable from Desiring Virtue

May 11, 2011

In an attempt to be both more frugal and more organized I have begun planning what we will eat each week.  You may remember my first weekly plan: The Whole Chicken.  I have since added a second week: The Beef Week which I will no doubt share with you once I have perfected it.  This planning has brought organization to my cooking and frugality to my grocery budget.  Mostly because I am able to use the same ingredients in several different meals–using, for instance, an entire red onion up before it goes bad!

Well.  Today my sweet friend, Jessalyn, over at Desiring Virtue, has made this process fun and fashionable with her Weekly Menu Plans!  Head on over to her blog and get yourself your free organizational Weekly Menu Plan!  While you’re there, check out her other great printables!

Happy planning!


One Response to “Free Weekly Menu Planning Printable from Desiring Virtue”

  1. Thanks for the link Katie! And… I am very grateful for your Chicken week and Beef week (soon) because the hardest part for me is using common ingredients and not going crazy with a bunch of different meals.

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