Natural From Head to Toe, Part 3

January 31, 2011

Two weeks ago it was all about the importance of being natural with that great website, Skin Deep, that showed us how hazardous each of our beauty products really are. Last week it was all about being natural in the shower–shampoo, conditioner, & body washes. Today, to finish the Natural From Head to Toe series up, it’s all about being natural at the sink:

Liquid Hand Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid SoapWe dilute it 1:6 Dr. Bronner’s to water to make it last longer.  Also, we use a foaming pump to help it suds up since we dilute it.


Coconut Oil- I grab a small bit of coconut oil, rub it in my hands until it’s a liquid, and rub it all over my arms and legs after a shower.  It’s pretty oily at first, and kind of drove me crazy, but it’s worth it–it’s natural and makes my skin feel awesome!  In the winter, I apply it in the evening as well.

Raw Shea Butter– I’ve never tried this, but I’m sure it would be great!


A Note on Sweating: Nobody likes to sweat, I know.  However, sweating is the way that God designed our bodies to get rid of nasty stuff it doesn’t need.  If you have a serious sweating problem (like I used to) you’re probably using the harshest chemicals you can find to combat the “problem.”  Can I give you a suggestion?  Stop trying to combat it.  Pick two weeks where you don’t have anything super strenuous or way stressful (yea, right, I know)–wait until it’s fairly cool outside, etc and try one of these natural deodorants (neither recipe is an antiperspirant, by the way).  It’ll probably take a good two weeks for your body to level itself out and get the nasty chemicals (usually aluminum.  seriously.) out of your body.  You just may see that you sweat way less than you thought you would.  It’s just like everything else natural–once you stop striping your body of the way it’s supposed to be naturally, your body straightens itself out!

Coconut Oil mixture #1- Combine equal parts:

  • arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)
  • baking soda

(try starting with 1/4 cup each).

  • Then add coconut oil until you get the consistency you want (try 2-3 tablespoons).

Store in old deodorant container (it’s great because the mixture will harden and then you can twist it up just like normal) or in a plastic bowl with a lid.  I’ve tried this one and I like it a lot.  It’s easy and simple to make, which is great and it really works!

Coconut Oil mixture #2-

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol
  • Several drops of your favorite essential oil

Stir ’em all together and store like mixture #1.  This one obviously has way more coconut oil in it than the first one.  Because of that, this recipe is way more oily–it still de-odors, for sure, but for my body, I prefer the first one over this one.

Crystal Body– This is a brand that you can buy at CVS, Walgreens, or Kroger.  Or buy it online at amazon!  I’ve never used it, but a friend of mine has and she loves it.  More importantly, it’s a “0” on the Skin Deep website, which means it’s not hazardous at all.  Sometimes it’s nice to just have the deodorant already made for you!  (My friend suggests the roll-on).


The Oil Cleansing Method Alright.  Now you’re really going to think I’m crazy.  First, let me tell you about how washing your face in the normal way is no good. It’s the same principle as washing your hair every day.  Our skin has natural oils that are good for it.  When we wash and scrub our faces with harsh chemicals, we strip our skin of the natural oils that it needs.  In fact, it seems wrong, but if you have super dry or super oily or super acne-prone skin, it’s probably because of the chemicals you use to wash your skin!  Check out The Oil Cleansing Method website for more info on all that.  She goes through the why and the how in extreme detail–it’s very helpful!

Basically, you mix Castor Oil (in the laxative section of drug stores–usually on the bottom shelf) and some other kind of oil.  Sunflower oil is the recommended type of oil to use (I get mine from, but initially I just used Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it worked just fine.  I think I mixed 15% Castor Oil to 85% EVOO (1 1/2 teaspoons Castor Oil to 2 5/6  Tablespoons EVOO–that’s 2 Tablespoons & 2 1/2 teaspoons EVOO), which works for my skin type, but if you have super dry skin, you’ll want less Castor oil.  If you have really oily skin you’ll want more Castor oil.  You’ll just have to experiment with the mixture.  I mixed the two oils together in one of those oil & vinegar bottles that I bought at Wal*Mart for like $4, but I bet you could find them way cheaper at a dollar store.

Go to The Oil Cleansing Method website and scroll to the bottom for the step-by-step directions. It really is a great, relaxing thing to do.  I cleaned my face the way described on the website for about five months.  I had great results, and after the initial two weeks of my face re-balancing its chemicals, my face was super soft and super clear.  I’d really encourage you to try this!!!

Water- The Oil Cleansing Method just got to be too much towards the end of my pregnancy and so I stopped using oil and just rinsed my face with water twice a day.  Remarkably, that worked just fine!  It may be that you have better skin than you think you do and that you could just rinse your face with water (to get rid of make-up) at the end of each day!

The Oil Method Remix- Recently my face has been much drier than I would like.  So I’ve gone back to using the same oil mixture that I used when I did The Oil Cleansing Method, but I’ve simplified the process & it’s working for me!  Basically I rinse my face with water after a shower and then pour a small line of the oil mixture onto my middle finger about as long as 2/3 of it.  I gently rub the oil onto my finger tips and then rub and pat the mixture onto my face (as you would a moisturizer).  I let the oil seep into my skin (as long as it takes me to brush my teeth) and then I put my make-up on over the oil.  So it’s a cleanser and a moisturizer in one.  At night I just rinse my face with water.  If I’m feeling like my face is too dry, I might put some oil on my face again at night like I do in the morning.  It’s working great and I love my skin right now!  Plus it’s really easy and simple and cheap!

Coconut Oil mixture- This is a recipe that I gave you last week as a body wash.  The great thing about it, though, is that you can use it as a facewash too!  What a great way to save space and money and time!

1 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
1/4 cup baking soda

When I posted this recipe last week I told you that I had some trouble with the different ingredients separating.  Well, my cousin wisely suggested using less aloe vera and baking soda.  It makes for a more coconut oil-y mixture, but the other two ingredients mix much better into the coconut oil.  She also suggested storing it in a glass canning jar.  I would imagine that you simply scoop some out of the jar (less than you think you’ll need), and then work it into your finger tips.  The mixture will become a liquid from the heat of your fingers.   Then apply to your skin and rinse the way you would any other cleanser.  I’m excited to try this again as I really did love the way it left my skin–very smooth!

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap If you’re already using this as a bodywash, might as well use it for your face, too! :)

Eye Make-up Remover

Coconut Oil- This really works and leaves my eyes feeling refreshed and clean!


Coconut Oil/Baking soda mixture-

1/4 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
A pinch of stevia powder
Several drops of spearmint or peppermint essential oil

Mix well and add water to get the consistency you want.  Store in a pump bottle!  This will not taste like your commercial toothpaste, but that taste you’re used to is bad for you anyway.  You get used to the natural taste, it actually makes my mouth feel super clean, and you can drink orange juice after brushing your teeth without gagging!

Dr. Bronner’s Toothpaste-

  • 1 Tbsp Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap
  • 5 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp or more olive oil or water – to get the consistency you want – this makes it pourable to put in the soap dispenser
  • Essential oil (20-25 drops), Use spearmint or peppermint or orange!
  • Stevia, to sweeten to your taste – a few dashes or so works

Mix together and store in a pump bottle.

Aftershave (for your man, of course)

Coconut/Shea Butter Salve

  • 1/8 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup shea butter (make sure it’s raw shea butter so you’re not using bleaches or chemicals!)
  • essential oil of your choice – a few drops of cloves, cinnamon, and/or bergamot are manly scents

Whip ingredients together and store in a small container!  It’s as easy as that.  I said it was for guys, but I bet this would feel great for us ladies, too!

Hair Gel

Unscented Pure Aloe Vera- Tim & I have used this for years.  It’s not as sticky or as strong as your regular hair gel, but it’s natural and it does the job for us!  Make sure you get the PURE Aloe Vera–not the kind that has been dyed green!

Coconut Oil- I know people who use coconut oil for hair gel.  My hair is WAY too thin for this and ended up being gross and greasy, but for people with thick curly hair I’d imagine this would work great for holding the curls!


Everyday Minerals I LOVE Everyday Minerals.  It is so inexpensive and covers so well and there are so many options.  Plus, they really do only use natural ingredients.  Other companies that make mineral make-up claim to use only natural things, and they just don’t.  Anyway, I LOVE Everyday Minerals.  I use:

  • Sunkissed Fair Intensive Base
  • Natural Reflections- Fair (Lose Face Powder)
  • Queen Anne’s Lace (Shimmer Eye Shadow)
  • Autumn Afternoon (Matte Eye Shadow)–they don’t have this color anymore, but it’s like Wildflowers (Matte Eye Shadow)
  • Black Eyeliner

I also have several of their brushes and if I could I’d have many more of all of their stuff!  I LOVE this company.  The best thing is that you can buy $5 samples of their bases (you get 5 different colors) and $2.50 samples of everything else to get a better idea of what color you should buy.  It lasts forever, too.  I bought all the above stuff about a year ago.  I imagine the eye products will last another year and I’ve only had to buy the Base & Powder one more time since then (and that was about 3 months ago)!  The only negative thing I could say about Everyday Minerals is that the containers their make-up comes in are pretty cheap–I’ve never had one break on me, but the plastic is so thin that I’m often afraid it will.  But that’s the price you pay–I mean, seriously–$40 for all five of those products above that last a year or more is a great deal!

Homemade Mascara- I haven’t tried this yet–just letting you know.  If you try it let us know how it goes!

  • 1/8 tsp. Activated Charcoal (about 1/2 capsule)
  • 1/8 tsp. Aloe Vera Gel

Mix together in a small bowl.  Use a clean mascara wand to pick up the mixture and apply like normal.  Warning: this is obviously not water-proof.  Or I’d imagine blink-proof . . .

Un-grease Your Hair on Day Two

Corn starch- Last week I encouraged you to only wash your hair every other day.  Well, sometimes by the end of that second day (or even the beginning of it) my hair is looking pretty greasy.  If you have light hair I KNOW this will work.  If your hair is dark, it may not–I’ve never had dark hair to try it on!  Just put a bit of corn starch on your fingertips and work it into your roots!  Problem solved!  Don’t use too much or your hair will be white!  I store my corn starch in a big salt shaker that I bought at Wal*Mart.

Where Do I get all these Things!?

I just realized that I didn’t tell you where to buy some of these ingredients!  Here are the stores or websites where I’ve found the best prices and products for each ingredient.  You may be able to find it cheaper.  (For instance, I don’t have access to a Trader Joe’s.  If you do, that may be your best bet to avoid shipping costs):

  • Dr. Bronner’s Products: Their website
  • Everyday Minerals: Their website
  • Mountain Rose Herbs: Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Raw Shea Butter, and Other Essential Oils
  • Organic Direct: Sunflower Oil
  • Vitacost: Activated Charcoal Tablets
  • Any Grocery Store: Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled White Vinegar, Corn Starch, Rubbing Alcohol
  • Kroger: Crystal Body Deodorant, Castor Oil, Stevia Powder

Any Other Ideas?

Those are all of the natural beauty products that we use–do you use items that I didn’t cover?  Tell me what you use and I’ll try to find a natural alternative!  Or do you use natural products that you want to share?  Let us all know about them!

I hope this series helped you re-think your current routine–are you really using the best products for your (and your family’s) health?  Are you being the best steward of your family’s finances (beauty products can really begin to rack up!)?  If you’re a bit overwhelmed then just choose one product and begin a natural alternative.  Once you get used to that product, add another, and another, and so on!  Let me know if I can help in any way!


7 Responses to “Natural From Head to Toe, Part 3”

  1. Cassandra Lasher said

    I have a couple questions (of course). I like to use lip balm, but the natural ones are really expensive. Do you have any suggestions? Also, what do you use for your daily facial sunscreen? Most commercial moisturizers have it in there already, but I’m sure they’re full of nasty chemicals. I don’t wear makeup so if it was in the makeup, that wouldn’t work for me.

    • Well, recently I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s Rose Lip Balm (because when I ordered the gallon of their soap it came with it), which is amazing! However, if you were to just order them from their website, they are $2.99 (plus shipping) each, which, compared to the $.99 Chap Stick isn’t really the best deal in the world. However, according to Skin Deep, Chap Stick’s Natural, Butter, and Botanical Medley are all “2s”, which isn’t horrible. (Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balms are “1s”).

      A lot of people really like Burt’s Bees lip balms, but unfortunately they’re not as great as we all originally thought (2s-4s at Skin Deep). What I will do when my Dr. Bronner’s is out, is put some coconut oil in a small travel tub (like these: When it’s hot outside, you have to be really careful that when you open it liquid coconut oil doesn’t go spilling out everywhere, but I like the way it makes my lips feel and I’m confident that it’s not bad for me!

      Amazing that you don’t have to wear make-up, although not surprising! :) And you got me: I don’t so much worry about sunscreen. That’s prolly not good. :\ Check out the Skin Deep website. On the far right-hand side click “Sun Protection.” Look around at the sub-categories there–there seem to be tons of products that are rated “1!” Let me know if you find something amazing!


  2. Cassandra Lasher said

    So I just looked at all the top rated sunscreens (not facial moisturizers) on the Skin Deep website. They’re mostly really expensive, which is sad. But for when summer comes, the best deals I found were Hara Body Care Sport SPF 30 (about $7 for 3 oz) and Johnson & Johnson Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 40 (on they have a deal where it’s $25 for 3 4-oz tubes). I will have to do some more research to find a good face sunscreen that I can afford.

  3. Cassandra Lasher said

    I have another question. The Oil Cleansing Method says to do it regularly, but it doesn’t give any guidelines on that. How often do you do it?

  4. Violet said

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