Our P90X Journey, Part 2

January 28, 2011


Today is day 37 of 90 in our P90X journey.  (Click here to read Part 1 of our journey). We’ve definitely (<–that right there was the very first time in my life I’ve spelled “definitely” correctly on the first try & I just couldn’t let it go by without documenting it and celebrating a bit!) had our fair share of distractions in the past couple of weeks, but we’re almost caught up and moving forward!

The way we look: Finally!  I can start to see some changes physically in my body.  My arms are a bit more defined and my waist (if you can call it that) and hips are smaller.  I have lost 3 pounds since the last post (6 total since starting P90X).  Tim’s arms are much more defined.  His abs are actually visible now and his legs are a bit more muscular looking.

The way we feel: I’m not gonna lie.  I am wiped out.  You see, two weeks ago when we were in the hospital with Luke (here’s the blog on all that if you missed it), we continued to eat as well as we were able to and we did all the workouts just like we were supposed to.  Once we got home last week, though, everything changed.  All of a sudden my life consisted of pumping, mixing formula, cleaning bottles, actually feeding Luke, and doing more laundry than I ever thought was possible.  Because of our new intense schedule and how incredibly tired we were, we got a few days behind.  THEN once we got a hang of how life had changed and caught up on sleep, instead of just picking up where we left off or just skipping ahead, we tried to cram the first half of the week’s workouts into the last half of the week along with those workouts we were supposed to be doing during the second half.  That’s confusing.  Basically, instead of hour to hour and a half workouts each day, we spent the last half of this previous week working out for two or two and a half hours each day.  Wednesday (our rest/stretch day) was the most glorious day of my life thus far.  Anyway, all that to say: We learned our lesson: either do that day’s workout. or don’t.  We will never try to make-up workouts again.

Nutrition: I am still on the Fat Shredder nutrition plan, although instead of the 7 servings of protein each day, I am only eating five.  Seven was just too many–it was making me feel awful!  Tim is still on the Energy Booster plan.

Workout Regimen: (check out Part 1 for the descriptions of the workouts I’ve already described)

The week we were in the hospital, thankfully, was the “recovery week” of the first phase.  It looked like this:

  • Thursday: Yoga X
  • Friday: Core Synergistics (an intense hour-long core workout.  Strengthening the muscles around the waist line & back)
  • Saturday: Kenpo X
  • Sunday: X Stretch
  • Monday: Core Synergistics
  • Tuesday: Yoga X
  • Wednesday: X Stretch

This week, and for the following three, we will be in phase 2 of the workout plan.  This is what we will be doing:

  • Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (push-ups, dips, flys, & kick-backs), Ab Ripper X
  • Friday: Plyometrics
  • Saturday: Back & Biceps (curls & pull-ups), Ab Ripper X
  • Sunday: Yoga X
  • Monday: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Tuesday: Kenpo X
  • Wednesday: X Stretch

It’s remarkable how much of these workouts I’m able to do compared to just three weeks ago!  I can do almost every move now.  We finally did the entire hour and a half of yoga, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as we’d imagined.  I really feel much more confident during each workout–even though there are still a couple of things I can’t do yet (like pull-ups and chaturangas during yoga!)  However, there are two new workouts (Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps and Back & Biceps) and I feel totally inept doing those!  It’s like we’re back to week one when we do those two workouts.

In General: We’re both still very excited about completing this program.  I think our lapse and then crazy catch-up this past week taught us how much we really do enjoy waking up early and doing this together–we feel great afterward and it really is starting to be fun.  Plus, we’re so close now–only 53 days to go! ;)

A note on my milk supply: Many of you know that I am currently trying everything under the sun to gain back my milk (if I’m able to I’ll post how I did it).  I am sure then, that this post on how I’m still exercising is confusing, considering many think that all women lose their milk when they begin physical activity.  Now, it is true that there are women in the world who lose their milk when they begin exercising (one of my close friends is one such woman).  These women, though, are the minority!  First, before I give you the statistic, think about the history of the matter: All throughout history women, until a last 100 years or so, had only the option of breast-feeding.  Wet nurses aside–someone was breast-feeding every baby that ever lived.  Alright.  So what about women who were running for their lives away from wars?  Yes, they breastfed.  What about women who were walking all day long day after day after day to move to wherever their people were moving to?  Yes, they breastfed.  What about women who were in the fields all day long picking whatever crop they were picking?  Yes, they too breastfed.  In fact, (here comes the statistic) it’s estimated that only 2-5% of women absolutely cannot feed their babies from the breast.

Ok, so what if I’m part of that 2-5%?  Well, I don’t think I am.  Luke re-gained his birth weight in the first two weeks of his life just like he was supposed to and he looked like a normal, healthy baby until somewhere during his second month of life.  It was then that I stopped needing to use breast pads, he stopping pooping as regularly, and I stopped feeling my let-down (hind sight is 20-20–I know).  We didn’t start P90X until the third month of his life–almost a full month after I believe my milk supply began to decrease. Also, and maybe more importantly, I am still doing P90X and the Lord has graciously seen fit to increase my milk supply in the last two weeks (I have gone from pumping .5 oz. each feeding to between 2-4 oz.!).

All that to say, I do not believe that the trauma we went through two weeks ago and my P90X journey are related.  I am blessed with many people who love me and know of my desire to try to breast feed again and so before you get worried about my working out and try to think of how in the world you’re going to suggest to me that I stop, I wanted to put your mind at ease: I have thought about it–more than is probably profitable–and we, as a family, after much prayer, have made the decision that I will continue P90X unless I begin losing my milk supply again instead of it increasing (which it is currently). <3

Part Three of our P90X Journey.


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