From His Point of View | Make it Your Toothpaste

January 26, 2011

Welcome my sweet husband to the blog!  Every once in a while I’ll be having special guests write a post for me, and today Tim will start out with his series, “From His Point of View.”  Today it’s all about toothpaste . . . sort of:

I haven’t quite decided exactly what I want to do during “my time” here on the blog.  So I am open to suggestions.  If there is anything you ladies want to know from a husband’s perspective I am totally willing to dish out my perspective on things.

That being said, for this post I am just going to share something I decided on when Katie and I got married that I feel has been a helpful practice.  You see, before Katie and I were married I had heard several sermons on marriage and heard several guys talk about marriage.  And one of the things that seemed to always come up was “The Toothpaste Issue” (I felt it needed quotes and capitalization to add intensity).

You know what I’m talking about: he likes the toothpaste rolled up nicely and she just squeezes it in the middle.  He can’t stand that she squeezes it, and she doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal.  ***Side Note:  It is definitely more logical and efficient to roll the toothpaste, thus getting all of the toothpaste at the end and not having to work so hard toward the end of the tube.***  Well, I heard of this argument occurring in marriages so much that I decided, before we even got married, that this was going to be a non-issue for us.

“How could you guarantee that?” you might ask.  I simply decided to convert to squeezing the toothpaste in the middle so we both do the same thing and there is nothing to disagree about.  GASP!!!  I know, I know, I have totally just lost “Man Points” in the eyes of every male who reads this, but that’s okay because I don’t argue with my wife about toothpaste  :)

Okay, so I have conquered the most ridiculous argument causer (is that a word?) on the planet, but the reason for this post is to encourage you guys, or ladies rather, to think about the “toothpastes” in your marriage.  Like putting the toilet seat & cover down.  Personally I don’t really care if it stays up all day long, but I know my wife likes it closed.  So I learned early on to close the dumb toilet and avoid a disagreement.

I know there are other issues in our marriage that I can decide to make non-issues simply by changing the way I do things.  All that to say, today you should think through the things in your marriage that you could make non-issues and “make it your toothpaste.”  See, now the title makes sense.

In Christ,


4 Responses to “From His Point of View | Make it Your Toothpaste”

  1. This is SO funny! You guys crack me up.

    Here’s what we do after nearly 10 years. We get over it. LOL! He leaves his socks balled up into little balls…so when I have to do the laundry I have to unfold his nasties before I can wash them…and I leave my undergarments hanging on door nobs. Drives us both crazy, but we just learn to go with it. Now, after this long…it’s a fun joke in our marriage. I send him pictures on his cell phone of his golf clubs in the back of the car…when I have a cart full of groceries that need to go there…and in return he sends me pictures of my make-up filling up the sink. It’s all in good fun. :o) We just learn to laugh about these things. It keeps things light and fun…and builds our friendship.

    Thanks for the post. :o)

  2. Jasmine said

    Great post and great reminder. Let the little things go, save your energy for the things that matter.

  3. Jessalyn said

    OOOOooooh, I can’t wait for Richard to read this one! ….but that probably wasn’t the point was it?

  4. Richard Hutto said

    My confutation is in the works!

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